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Newfies Forever

My name is Christine and this site is dedicated to Samson, my first Newfoundland dog. He was born on 11/27/2012 and left the earth on 4/13/2023. Sam inspired me every day and because he was a big-time drooler, I started making Bibs; I hope you like what you see. 

Christine and Samson walking in Fort Bragg

We never had a dog growing up, we had cats. I really didn’t know much about them–until the day my oldest daughter brought a Newfoundland puppy named Lizzie into her life. I fell in love with the little puppy right away; what I didn't know yet was my life was changed from that moment on. She asked me to babysit for a week and this gigantic dog stole my heart. I became obsessed. 

​I begin researching and finding out everything I could about Newfs. The more I fell in love with the breed, the more I searched for a breeder, was but unable to find one in our area. I spent Friday nights looking at YouTube videos of Newfies and their owners and my passion for them increased by the day.  I learned of their immense strength and carting abilities, how they got the name "Nanny Dog," what outstanding Therapy Dogs they are–especially with sick children, and how their unique physical characteristics combine together to make them some of the very best natural born swimmers on this planet. Out of the blue a story came to me in the middle of the night about a Newfoundland dog with magical powers. I wrote it down in one sitting: Lizzie the Magical Dog. I received wonderful feedback on my little story, and was so happy to give it to my granddaughter as a way to remember Lizzie.

When I visited my daughter in Vermont I could hardly wait to see Lizzie and I would take her out for walks and run with her and pet her and love her; I could barely stand to leave her. Still I couldn’t find a breeder nearby.

Finally, after three years, I found somebody that had puppies a few hours away! We went down to check out the litter. The puppies were 10 weeks old. The father was magnificent, the mother the sweetest dog in the world. They lived in a beautiful setting in the country, with two young daughters who loved to help out. The puppies all scrambled out of the house and down the two wooden steps–playing, rolling, tugging–doing all the things puppies do. The last little black fluffy sweetheart came out, slowly making his way down the steps and ambled over to some nearby flowers, sniffing them so sweetly. We knew we had found our dog. They called him "Black Jack" and we named him Samson. Sometimes I whispered Black Jack in his ear and I swear he remembered.

From day one he became one of the most precious things in my life. I started to change my life just because of him. I couldn't stand leaving him alone during the day when I went to work, so began searching for a way to work at home. We spent $10,000 for ceramic tile floors to get rid of all the carpet in our home. I got a big old van to transport him around. I cleaned slobber off my walls and thought it was funny. I watched him grow from a 27 pound roly-poly puppy to a 140 pound gigantic animal who people mistook for a bear.

Every single day seemed exciting and new–mostly because whatever you do is somehow more exciting with a Newfie by your side. He made me laugh all day long and made my heart overflow with his sweet smile and winsome ways. You feel like a celebrity walking around with Newfs as people stop their cars, roll down their windows and say "I love your dog!", or busloads of children spot him coming and literally scream "Look at that DOG! He's so FLUFFY!! I WANT him!" with their little arms outstretched. Once I took him to a very fancy hotel in downtown San Jose and literally barely made it to the elevator because all the guests ran over to greet him.

Yet my very favorite times were being out alone in nature with Sam. As a woman, I felt very safe being alone because trust me, no one will mess with you if you have a Newfoundland dog at your side. We live near the Mendocino coast and I took him there often. Sometimes we got the beach to ourselves and would just sit on the sand together and watch the waves. It is as if we were one with the entire Universe. 

I started looking for T-shirts and hats and tote bags to show my Newfie pride, but had a hard time finding what I wanted. Because I was a graphic designer I thought wow, I could make my own! So I did. 

After a time people were interested and I created this website called Newfies Forever (formerly Newfie Love) and started putting my designs up and posting them on Instagram. The minute I put a picture of Sam up, I got all these followers! I discovered all these wonderful people all over the world who loved Newfoundland dogs just as much as me. It was an entire community of people who understood how special and wonderful this breed is and I became part of it. It’s the most wonderful community I have ever belonged to.

Sam lived to be 11 1/2 years old. He died in the spring of 2023. Losing him was every bit as hard as losing a family member, and I think of him and miss him every single day. I am so very grateful I was lucky enough to be his Mom, and when it is my time to go, I know he will be waiting for me.

I've had a total of 10 cats, five guinea pigs, and a rabbit, and loved them all deeply. But the love for this dog was unlike anything I've ever experienced, or knew existed. I now know "he is my Heart Dog" means.


My story continues now with Black Jack. Yes, Black Jack! October 2023, I got a referral of some Newfie puppies up in Oregon. The breeder said she had three black males.She said the one she was looking at right then her daughters had named "Black Jack." My heart skipped a beat! I took it as a sign and now here I am a few weeks later: Black Jack's Mama. I look forward to a beautiful life with him, often smiling to myself these days at how wonderful the Universe works. 

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