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Large Breed Dog Bibs


I started making Bibs because my Sam was a big-time drooler. I wanted to find a way to incorporate my Newfie artwork onto the Bib, and discovered a manufacturer that lets you print on towel material. I can fit 6-8 Bibs per towel. When I receive the towel back from the manufacturer, I then cut them out, trim them with colorful double-wide, single fold bias tape and use matching lycra cord so you can tie them around the dog's neck. 

They are sized for an average size Newf (Sam was roughly 130 pounds), but if you need a smaller or larger one, just let me know, and I can easily size them up or down for you.

I'm always open to creating personalized work, using your own images, or special text you may have in mind; my fee for custom designs is $40/hour.

To view the Bibs I offer, please click here: ALL BIBS

Samson the Newfoundland Dog wearing his California Republic Flag Bib
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